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Nelson Wilson G.C.

Building Construction

Construction is an umbrella term for our art and science to build your dream home or projects. Building is our “verb” and synonymous with our professionalism.

Building Repairs

The restoration of an asset or a component to such a condition that it may be effectively utilised for its designed purpose by the overhaul, reprocessing or replacement of constituent parts or materials that have deteriorated by action of the elements or usage and have not been corrected by maintenance.


Destruction is of course very often necessary as a preliminary to subsequent construction; in this case it is part of a whole that is constructive


We use a structure usually made of stone or concrete that supports a building from below

Painting & Exterior

Exterior house painting is the most effective way to boost the curb appeal of your house.The careful external painting process of is what guarantees that our customers are always satisfied.

Site Management

Our site managers are responsible for construction and buildings and are also responsible for the day-to-day management of a construction project on site.



Our experience and knowledge or skills in a particular job or activity, which we have acquired over time, is due to work carried out for a long time.



Our quality is the set of characteristics of the products or services that we insert in our work to satisfy the specific needs and requirements of our customers. Our quality is a feature that we put into all our works.



Innovation refers to the process that our organization undertakes every day to always offer a cutting-edge product that is in step with the times and using even the latest generation methods and tools.


The hard part is building a home of the heart.
A place not only to sleep, but also to dream.
A place to raise a family with love,
a place not to find shelter from the cold but a corner of our own from which to admire the changing seasons;
a place not simply to pass the time, but to experience joy for the rest of your life.
(Sergio Bambaren)

The great capacity and flexibility are the key to success that allows NELSON WILSON G. C. to stand out for the enhancement of each project both in the design and construction phase.
Our professionalism and dynamism allow us to simultaneously tackle complex and articulated activities in different areas of Florida and beyond.

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Build your dreams, or hire us to build your projects and we won’t let you down and our experience is our guarantee.
You can imagine, create and build the most wonderful place on earth, but it will always take people to make the dream come true.
(Walt Disney)

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